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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Trial of Adversity

The video is about a paralyzed young woman, who is able to look past her disability and have several abilities!

How often do we feel as if we had the short end of the stick. Do we complain when we don't get the things we wanted. Do we whine when our needs are not being satisfied? Do we bring anger and frustration into the picture? What gets accomplished when these things happen?

I remember reading from President Hinckley's book, "Stand for Something" and he mentions, how often we go to the refrigerator and open it and stand there and say, "there is nothing to eat!" when the fridge is full of food. Or when we open a closet full of clothes and say "I have nothing to wear!" We all have done this before. And we feel as if we are ripped off.

How about the times where we feel picked on, or taken advantage of because of our shortcomings? Those times are not fun, and we tend to complain even more and ask why this is happening to us. It is at these times where we must change our attitudes and look to the Lord, and ask what I am learn from this?

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