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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day!!!

Yesterday was such a great day! Thanks to the sacrifices of so many soldiers for our freedoms, we get a day to celebrate and remember these sacrifices! Memorial Day started off with my brother in law's family coming over and sharing pizza from the oh so yummy Little Caesar's. Then we watched the bro in law's bro's mission slide show (he's been home 6 weeks from Hong Kong.) For dinner we had pineapple sausages, broccoli salad, and spinach salad, and it was so delicious. I am so blessed to have some pretty cool family members and in laws as well. I am thankful for holidays like these that bring our families close together, even if the plane ticket was a rip off! I am thanks for the moments that are always meant to be remembered and never forgotten. As I sit here on my sister's couch in San Jose on my last day here, (I know I should be on a beach, but the water is so cold!) I sit and contemplate all the things that have brought me to this point in my life. This vacation has given me so much time to reflect on so many things. My desires are greater, my wants are still there, but my optimism has increased a lot. I leave for the airport at 5 in the morning tomorrow, I am going to miss my sister's little family, especially my nephew, I have had the awesome opportunity to make him laugh so much, just makes everyone's day! I am grateful for the knowledge that families can be together forever. Life is awesome everyone!!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday in San Jose

I have not visited a family ward since my nephew Corbin was blessed last December, so about six months later, I visit the same family ward again. Those of you reading this and know me, know that I have been attending a single's ward for a few years now. Sacrament meetings are sooo quiet! You can hear a pin drop. Sacrament meeting today... not so quiet, I actually got a headache. But I still love sacrament. I also had to introduce myself in priesthood today, I had to say my name and where I was visiting from. My brother in law was egging me on to use an accent, I was tempted to act handicapped, but I didn't do either, I was polite and said I was visiting my sister's family, and that I was from the holy land of Utah. The ward was just like any other family ward in Utah, I love how the Gospel is the same everywhere, the people may smell different or look a little different, but the Gospel is still the same. So My nephew really warmed up to me today, and this whole time all I had to say was "hi baby!" Question, can guys be more baby hungry than ladies? Let that sink in. Moving on! I wrote a poem a while ago that gives me much reflection on my life I hope you readers enjoy it.

He sits he waits and wonders, of all that still can be, he hopes he dreams he ponders about the future to be seen, and even though he sits there all alone and in a quiet room, if he continues to just sit and wonder he will slowly slip into a mist of doom. For it is action that defines us in all we think and do, it is faith that gives us the power to get up and get off the stool. There is nothing wrong with sitting and wanting,wishing and hoping but it is belief that makes us go not sadness that only leads to moping. So what does he do now, with so much in store for him? He must take the Lord by the hand and gently let Him in.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Blogging from San Jose

So it is only 11:30 here in San Jose, and I am sitting on couch aka my bed for the next 4 days, in my sister's home. My mother has been here since Wednesday, and my step dad and I arrived today, but at different times, he had to work so he came later. My day began at 630 in the morning, already packed and ready to go. Got on a tiny plane from Delta and arrived to San Jose before lunch time. I had not seen my little nephew Corbin 4 months, and he's chunked up a bit since then, so I call him my baby buddha nephew. I had thai beef noodles and sugar cane juice for lunch, and then for dinner our family had a Vietnamese 7 course beef meal, which needless to say is the bomb! IN the morning we are going to have Dim Sum, (Chinese fried and steamed goodies!)I still miss all of my friends and family back home, and I wish them all a safe Memorial Day Weekend! The weather here has been sooo amazing 70 degrees and a wonderful breeze. Although my parents constantly think of moving here one day, I don't think I could ever leave Utah. Yes, I know the weather is never cooperative in Utah, but the people are so amazing. On that note, I want to end with an amazing about friendship that was given to me a few years ago.
"There is nothing we like to see so much as the gleam of pleasure in a person's eye when he feels that we have sympathized with him, understood him. At these moments something fine and spiritual passes between two friends. These are the moments worth living." -Don Marquis
Good night Utah!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

An awesome realization

After each break up, and when a relationship ends, I often asked how much heartache must I suffer, how much pain must I endure, how much weeping must I do before I can feel love again?...

but those are not the important questions,

Instead I should be asking , have I seen the Lord's hand in all this? Am I allowing Him to come in and comfort me? Do I believe in Him?

A friend of mine wrote me once that we sometimes think, that the only way we can find happiness is being in a relationship. But we often forget what kind of relationship is more important.

And it hit me, that what I have been saying to several members in the ward lately, is what I have not been really following, is that we need to develop a relationship with the Lord. If we allow Him into our lives, and not push away His hand when he offers it, then that relationship will begin to grow. If we can do this with the Lord, whose to say we cannot do this with others?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The things that can make your day!!!

When I first started with my company as a customer service representative, one of the motto's we were to live by was to make that their (the customer's) day. But we also knew before we could do this we had to have the right attitude. How are we to make someone's day when our day is going so bad? Well there's the fake it till you make it principle. (Act like your happy, until the work is done.)There's the denial principle, which is similar to fake it till you make it, but this one is trickier, you deny everything that is bad and avoid facing it. Or we can change our attitude, choose to be happy and look for the good in everything. Sounds easier said then done. Having a poor attitude is not sexy, I mean attractive at all. But when someone is optimistic, hopeful, and happy, you can take it for granted you are in good company. Sometimes it is the simple things in life that just can make your day. A simple hello, or even better an I love you from someone you care about. I find that the ones that my day are the ones that are always wondering how you're doing. The ones out of the blue that tell you via facebook, text, or chat, that they're thinking about you. Not to take anything away from those that do that everyday! I love those also! Remember the movie Evan Almighty? With Steve Carell? *SPOILER ALERT* ..............At the very end Morgan Freeman who plays God, writes the word ARK, and points out that it's an acronym (for those readers that are too lazy to look up what the word acronym means...) here's the definition: a word formed from the initial letters or groups of letters of words in a set phrase or series of words, as Wac from Women's army Corps, OPEC from Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, or loran from long-range navigation. Well ARK stands for Act of Random Kindness. In making someone's day, we in turn get our day made.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I have always been known as the funny Asian kid, well at least to most. I always try to make the best in each situation. Lately I have found in my life that one of my main purposes of being brought into this world, was to help others be happy. I try where I can, not trying to raise myself up, or being prideful. I know that because my patriarchal blessing says so. I have been blessed with a knowledge and an understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I don't know everything, I don't know a lot of things, but this I do know, that God's plan, is a plan of happiness. Several events in my life have given me emotional roller coasters of epic proportion, but with the Savior's help, I always find a way to overcome them. My step father this evening asked me to make a list of ten things I hope for in the future. As I sat there pondering, obviously there are more than ten things that one person hopes for, well most of us hope for. I went back to a list of rhetorical that I wrote myself after a break up last year. The first question was, what is it that I desire? This was great because desires, hopes, wants are all synonymous. Now the first obvious answer is a double bacon cheeseburger. But that only satisfies my physical hunger. Truly though do we often ask ourselves what is it that we really want, beside the obvious things that cannot last forever. IN our hearts and minds and if you are in your mid to late 20's and single, like some people I know ;) We desire to be happy, but with someone that it can last with through the eternities. And knowing that is a great desire, we still find it sooo difficult. We often ask ourselves why?
We get told soo many times how amazing we are, and whoever we find will be soo lucky right? And even those of us church folk ask ourselves, why can't I find someone? When the question all along could be, am I becoming the person I want to be with? I ask a lot of rhetorical questions! Am I doing all the things necessary to be worthy to be loved, and to give of this love? How am I preparing to make the next step? By asking ourselves these types questions, we put reality into play, but also hope and faith! Faith is power! And it takes great faith for us to make decisions. I hope those reading this will take these things into consideration when a difficult time in our life happens regarding dating. I know that when I ask myself these questions, and don't have a clear answer for them, it is God telling me to be patient and to have faith. With Him, all things are possible.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Haha! a year later!!!

So I find my self at work reading other people's blogs, (yes I enjoy blogstalking almost as much as facebook stalking) But I have my sad excuses like, everything about me is on facebook, this time last year I had like 700 friends, now I have over 1200! Not that I base my awesomeness off it all the time. Work gave us access to blog now, I should have figured since I have been able to read blogs for a more than a couple of weeks now. Since last year what has happened? Hmmm well most of it can be again followed on facebook. The biggest changes came around Christmas of 2010. I was called to be Elder's Quorum President, a calling that is both difficult and rewarding. If I knew that the calling would only last around 5 months I think I would have tried a little harder. Nevertheless (I know pretty big word huh?) I had some of the best times in my quorum. I miss teaching these guys and making fun of them and having them look to me for help. They were much as an example to me as I was them. My bishopric consisted of all millionaires, but they were some of the most humble, fun, loving men I have ever met, and I will truly miss them. So as I move into a new YSA ward, I have had the awesome opportunity to stand out, so I was just called to be FHE co-chair, a calling that I really didn't want, but still I think is a great opportunity to serve. Well I wish I could tell you all you readers out there that I will update this more often, but I would just be lying. So until the next blog. Take care!