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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday in San Jose

I have not visited a family ward since my nephew Corbin was blessed last December, so about six months later, I visit the same family ward again. Those of you reading this and know me, know that I have been attending a single's ward for a few years now. Sacrament meetings are sooo quiet! You can hear a pin drop. Sacrament meeting today... not so quiet, I actually got a headache. But I still love sacrament. I also had to introduce myself in priesthood today, I had to say my name and where I was visiting from. My brother in law was egging me on to use an accent, I was tempted to act handicapped, but I didn't do either, I was polite and said I was visiting my sister's family, and that I was from the holy land of Utah. The ward was just like any other family ward in Utah, I love how the Gospel is the same everywhere, the people may smell different or look a little different, but the Gospel is still the same. So My nephew really warmed up to me today, and this whole time all I had to say was "hi baby!" Question, can guys be more baby hungry than ladies? Let that sink in. Moving on! I wrote a poem a while ago that gives me much reflection on my life I hope you readers enjoy it.

He sits he waits and wonders, of all that still can be, he hopes he dreams he ponders about the future to be seen, and even though he sits there all alone and in a quiet room, if he continues to just sit and wonder he will slowly slip into a mist of doom. For it is action that defines us in all we think and do, it is faith that gives us the power to get up and get off the stool. There is nothing wrong with sitting and wanting,wishing and hoping but it is belief that makes us go not sadness that only leads to moping. So what does he do now, with so much in store for him? He must take the Lord by the hand and gently let Him in.

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  1. In answer to your question, YES! Guys can be more baby hungry than girls. I see it often.