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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Haha! a year later!!!

So I find my self at work reading other people's blogs, (yes I enjoy blogstalking almost as much as facebook stalking) But I have my sad excuses like, everything about me is on facebook, this time last year I had like 700 friends, now I have over 1200! Not that I base my awesomeness off it all the time. Work gave us access to blog now, I should have figured since I have been able to read blogs for a more than a couple of weeks now. Since last year what has happened? Hmmm well most of it can be again followed on facebook. The biggest changes came around Christmas of 2010. I was called to be Elder's Quorum President, a calling that is both difficult and rewarding. If I knew that the calling would only last around 5 months I think I would have tried a little harder. Nevertheless (I know pretty big word huh?) I had some of the best times in my quorum. I miss teaching these guys and making fun of them and having them look to me for help. They were much as an example to me as I was them. My bishopric consisted of all millionaires, but they were some of the most humble, fun, loving men I have ever met, and I will truly miss them. So as I move into a new YSA ward, I have had the awesome opportunity to stand out, so I was just called to be FHE co-chair, a calling that I really didn't want, but still I think is a great opportunity to serve. Well I wish I could tell you all you readers out there that I will update this more often, but I would just be lying. So until the next blog. Take care!

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