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Thursday, May 26, 2011

An awesome realization

After each break up, and when a relationship ends, I often asked how much heartache must I suffer, how much pain must I endure, how much weeping must I do before I can feel love again?...

but those are not the important questions,

Instead I should be asking , have I seen the Lord's hand in all this? Am I allowing Him to come in and comfort me? Do I believe in Him?

A friend of mine wrote me once that we sometimes think, that the only way we can find happiness is being in a relationship. But we often forget what kind of relationship is more important.

And it hit me, that what I have been saying to several members in the ward lately, is what I have not been really following, is that we need to develop a relationship with the Lord. If we allow Him into our lives, and not push away His hand when he offers it, then that relationship will begin to grow. If we can do this with the Lord, whose to say we cannot do this with others?

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