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Monday, August 15, 2011

My guest blog for Elise Fredrickson

So I was asked to guest blog for a friend of mine, her name is Elise, she is in my single's ward and has an amazing blog it is here. Anyways here was the post I wrote for her.

Hello readers of Elise's Pieces!!! My name is Jason Huynh andI have been given the awesome opportunity and privilege to guest post on Elise's amazing blog. First, a little bit about myself, I know Elise through my amazing single's ward! I am the token Asian guy there and try to make FHE activities the best. I am Vietnamese, born and raised in Salt Lake and now live in West Jordan. I follow blogs religiously, and just started, well, restarted mine 2 months ago.

For you Elise's pieces readers, I will try to make this a treat. Elise asked me to post something similar to her "dear boys" posts, comprising of parts one through who knows how many dear boys posts she'll do! Anywho, I am excited to show off some of my writing skills and experiences.Please try to laugh and enjoy.

So first, a few of my dear girl sayings...

Dear Girl,

I've been noticing you, noticing me, noticing you,
are we going to do anything about it?


guy with zit in the middle of his forehead

Dear hope to be facebook friend number 132,648,

You look hot in your profile pic, will you please add me as a friend so I can stalk, I mean see more of your hot pictures?


nerd that is level 432 on farmville

Dear future girlfriend,

Why are you with that dumb jock? Real men have braces!

Yours truly,

future boyfriend

Dear friend of friend of a girl that I have a crush on,

I try to show off, but seem to fail, I am the one that's trying too hard.


really overconfident male

Alright, I know that they are not as amazing as Elise's, but still fun.  Elise also asked me to write some advice in regards to dating. I have been around the dating scene for quite sometime, been in relationships, been heart broken more than I have broken hearts. Been used and abused. Known love, and given love. Dated several girls in and out of the singles' ward. Beaten myself up, and have wondered if I am meant to get married, I have even thought about just leaving to another country altogether, but never suicide, that's just wrong!

In the midst of all this time, I was always focusing on finding the right one, the perfect one, my soul mate. But in realizing how difficult it really was, cause think about it, I am an Asian guy living in a predominantly white, Mormon, society. Chances seem slim so I went to BYU, had some fun down there, but still no success. I was still young and I thought well I am still pretty awesome. Even though I had a lot going for me, my bishop and younger sister help me realize a great truth. That too many of us (single) peeps focus on trying to find the right one, instead of focusing on BECOMING the right one.

Another great truth I discovered in dating, was that when I was dating and everything was going right, I tended to read my scriptures more, my prayers were more meaningful, and life was all around better. When I wasn't dating, all those things would be ignored, life would go in a rut. I was living and dictating my happiness according to how successful dating was. That was a realization that just recently hit me. We need to be consistent in the simple and little things, before we can receive happiness, and not base it off of dating.

In the society we live in, it is very easy to get caught up with thinking about the future. I found that when a girl I was really interested in said yes to giving me her number and to a date, I was already planning on her being my girl friend, sad, I know! On the first date, I was already planning the second and third dates. Even though the date was fun, 'cause face it- I am a fun guy, it could have been so much better if I had focused on the now, more than the later.

On dates, ladies, please don't interrogate the guy, but relate to his responses and questions. Guys, ladies appreciate a good listener, but a sense of humor also helps so don't be afraid to joke and flirt a little. Girls can always know when us guys are trying too hard as well. Girls, you know what you want. I know that when you find a guy that you're interested in, you're already replacing your last name with his. Look for the guy that has the same kind of goals you do, a supportive guy, a guy who loves God, and is nice to everyone, but is also confident, and has direction, and knows what he wants. Guys, we all want a smoking hot girlfriend, but we need to focus on ourselves and makes ourselves worthy to have one not just beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well. Ladies, it is always nice to say yes for a date, but if you are not interested in the guy please let him know sooner than later, delaying the inevitable only brings more pain to the guy and doesn't make it any easier on you. It wastes time and energy. Granted we are taught to be polite and say yes to date, and that we don't know what might happen, but in our defense, we have every right to be picky, for this is the most important decision of our lives, don't want to screw it up. Dating does not get easier as we get older. We start to become bitter, and question what's in store for us.

Recognizing, and realizing what potential we have is the first step. Constantly finding faults and weaknesses in ourselves and others, will get you no where. Knowing that you're never alone and that you are loved is great power. It gives us faith and hope to have relationships with others. If we can build a strong, loving, relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ, then nothing and no one can tell us that we can't have one with others. As young single adults, I often see us push away the Lord's hand when it is extended towards us, us being independent, and proud individuals feel that we can do things by ourselves and so we neglect Him. Sorry if I am too churchy!

I know that I am not perfect, none of us are, and that there is not a perfect girl out there for me, but the right one is. Last words of encouragement to you readers, don't give up!

Elise, thank you again for this awesome opportunity share my thoughts on your blog. Keep on rocking!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Reason to look to God

This video shares with us, regular folks that seeked Christ for help.

Readers, I apologize for the slowing down in posts! A whole week and only one post, what is going on? Well no excuses, but it was Pioneer Day this last weekend in the grand state of Utah. Fireworks, parades and all! I also was guest posting on some friends' blogs, and each request was very unique, and it was very fun to do. I chose this Mormon Messages video, because many times, even those of us who follow Christ, seem to forget Him. There are those that struggle to follow Him. Those who haven't lived the best lives. But there is always hope.Those who seek Him, will find Him. I know it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Trial of Adversity

The video is about a paralyzed young woman, who is able to look past her disability and have several abilities!

How often do we feel as if we had the short end of the stick. Do we complain when we don't get the things we wanted. Do we whine when our needs are not being satisfied? Do we bring anger and frustration into the picture? What gets accomplished when these things happen?

I remember reading from President Hinckley's book, "Stand for Something" and he mentions, how often we go to the refrigerator and open it and stand there and say, "there is nothing to eat!" when the fridge is full of food. Or when we open a closet full of clothes and say "I have nothing to wear!" We all have done this before. And we feel as if we are ripped off.

How about the times where we feel picked on, or taken advantage of because of our shortcomings? Those times are not fun, and we tend to complain even more and ask why this is happening to us. It is at these times where we must change our attitudes and look to the Lord, and ask what I am learn from this?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Willingness to Learn from Pain

All of us have experienced pain in one way or another. That can be physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, and the list goes on and on. We forget that pain cannot be experienced without joy and the same can be said about joy, that it cannot be experienced without pain. These go hand in hand. Sometimes we ourselves feel the pain others are going through, sometimes we try to understand. The pain I want to discuss today is for young single adults who seem to struggle with a certain emotional pain of being lonely. I am no stranger to this pain. I have dated several girls, have had my hopes risen, and lowered, been hurt, and rejected. One close friend of mine gave me a quote that has seriously helped me through all of this.

"Another kind of emotional pain to which we all seem subject arises from the risks we take in allowing ourselves to love others. There is no suffering quite like that which comes when love is shattered. After years of patient waiting for what seems like the right time, one may open up his or her heart to another, only to find that tender heart bruised or broken when the love is not returned. We therefore bear a grave responsibility for the purity of our motives when some trusting heart has offered us entrance. Anyone who stands on that threshold stands on holy ground, which must not be exploited or defiled. But should a relationship so develop that, even in spite of honesty, caution, and goodness of motive, a parting of the ways still must come, we must not let the pain of that moment make us so resentful or bitter that we become unwilling to risk opening our hearts again. That kind of risk is necessary, because loving simply has its risks. In a sense, there is no love without certain kinds of fear." Bruce C. Hafen, “A Willingness to Learn from Pain,” Ensign, Oct 1983, 63

I love this quote so much. So much truth is in it. I know that I cannot love with out taking risks, that fear only holds us back and hurts us.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Importance of Remembering

Most of my thoughts on this blog have come from mormon messages on youtube, as well my missionary quote book. About 14 months into my mission I was in a town called Negombo located on the western coast of Sri Lanka. These people had never seen an oriental person in real life before, just on tv or in movies. So my nickname was Jackie Chan Vagay. Meaning like a Jackie Chan. The elderly women would come up and touch my hair and go on about how beautiful, straight and black it was versus their frizzled, lightened brown hair, but I loved these people so much. I went home one night and before I went to bed, I decided to write what I felt at tat very moment into my quote book. The title of it was "Why am I on a mission?" dated 26 August 2004

" The scriptures say that charity is the pure love of Christ, it is possible for us to have that much love? I don't know, but I am willing to try. My decision to serve did not come just in one time, but over periods of growth in the gospel in my life. Primary, Aaronic Prisethood, seminary, institute, Melchizedek Priesthood. Overall I believe the main factor besides growing up in a family with the gospel, is knowing for myself that the gospel is true, but I did not want to rely on others telling me, but wanted to do what was necessary to find out for myself. A primary song I always sang, finally woke me up one day in seminary, the year I was studying the Book of Mormon. I finally said to myself, "now is the time to 'search, ponder, and pray...'" I put myself to learning, studying, praying, it felt good. Then the invitation at the end of the Book of Mormon, Moroni chapter 10 verses 3 through 5. That "feeling" everyone talks about was somewhat familiar to me growing up, but this time, it was real to me, what I was taught, what I had learned, all those talks, scriptures, lessons, were confirmed to me that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true., and I could not deny it. Now that I know this, it also dawned on me what true happiness was really all about; bringing souls unto Christ. Why should I hold back? The next step you would think is mission, but it was preparing for the higher priesthood and the temple. You hear about the temple, but you cannot really say anything until you experience it. Now the mission call to Singapore. the hardest time is the time between your call and leaving for the MTC, then for the field, then leaving for home. In all my life I have never felt more joy, peace, sadness, I love these people whom I serve so much that I desire to stay with them all of my days if possible. I love this work, it is true."

Nearly 8 years have passed since I wrote this passage. Looking back on how much I have grown since then give me a great perspective of how much my mission has shaped and changed my life and continues to do so all the time. I encourage those of you readers who are return missionaries to "go back" not meaning physically, or just by remembering stories, but read your mission journals and letters to remember. I know we all move on, but it's great to remember good times as well.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Power of Forgiveness

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the power in the words, I'm sorry and I forgive you. This past weekend I was just going through my favorites list on youtube, and this video just screamed watch me. This is one of the most moving, and inspirational stories I have ever heard, read, and seen about.President Faust's talk about this is here http://lds.org/ldsorg/v/index.jsp?locale=0&nav=0&sourceId=d229414ef1032110VgnVCM100000176f620a____&vgnextoid=f318118dd536c010VgnVCM1000004d82620aRCRD  Please watch.

Here is a man that has every right to be angry and bitter towards God, towards man, towards everything. His attitude, was one of love. When Christ was on the cross, he said "forgive them, for they know not what they do." This was purely out of love as well. There are things in this life that will take time to heal, time to forgive, it is not an easy thing. I believe we can agree that this man, Chris Williams, had a modern day Job experience, that if we were to experience the same thing, we would be filled with anguish and sorrow. We would seek justice to be done, we would be filled with anger, well I know I would be.The key thing was that Chris directed his loneliness towards the Savior, not the young man. This takes a lot of strength. Chris says near the the end of the video a powerful message to everyone. " I am grateful that God allows tragedies and trials to occur in our lives, not because they are easy or because they are desired, but because they help us love..."

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Importance Of Having Patience

This video is from President Uchtdorf's April 2010 Conference talk entitled Continue in Patience

One of my biggest pet peeves are bad drivers. If you live in Salt Lake, and you drive, and a day goes by where you do not see any construction, the millennium is probably happening. Being from Utah, I am not exempt from being a bad driver myself. So this leads to a lot of road rage. The other day I was behind a guy and he decided to take a left in a no left turn lane, so he holds up traffic, as I pass him I see his window is down, and I yell, "you can't turn here, you moron!" And maybe gave him a hand gesture or two. Out of all the things that "drive" me crazy, it is traffic. Once someone riding with me asked, "what would Jesus do?" And my reply was, "ummm He wouldn't drive." When I know that He would be patient, and be that person that we all love that let's everyone cut in. 

I learned that the average human being tries to get things done faster and squeeze more time into their day. For example when we wait for an elevator and we try to "speed it up"  we push the button faster. The same thing for crossing side walks, we push the button faster. My favorite impatient thing that I learned we do are the handles to cars, we have all done it at least once, try to open the car door at the same time the person pushes the unlock button, or get up to the car and test the handle hoping the car was already unlocked. Obviously there are some things we can't control. for the things we can control, we seem to want to will it do get done faster, when we should be taking a step back, analyzing the problem, and solve it with time. What causes us to be so impatient? I believe it is largely in part to our need to find time to sit and relax, or "make" time to have more entertainment in our lives. Why is it that when we are doing something fun and entertaining that time "flies" by? Why is church, work, and school so long? It is at these times where we learn patience the most.

We need to separate our wants and desires to have fun, from the things that are more importantly needed, or we can align them to be both beneficial and what the Lord wants and desires for us. In writing this, do I think I will have more patience when I drive? I know that my temper and attitude is entirely up to me, but that bad  drivers myself included, are going to happen. Then I begin to realize how patient the Lord has been with me, and that allows me to stop and ponder, and try to be patient with others. When we are patient, we begin to see a bigger and brighter picture, we appreciate things more, we value our time better.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The key to finding happiness

This last weekend I celebrated Independence Day with some of my best friends. I would have spent it with some other friends if they weren't in Disneyland, but oh well ;) Freedom to enjoy a day off to celebrate America's freedom was just what I needed this last weekend. I had the awesome opportunity to witness and film my best friend's proposal to an amazing girl. The link to watch it is right here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYqOeQfy2Dc Congrats to Spencer and Jenn! Love you both! So it was a nice, happy weekend.

Often times we seek for happiness in the wrong places, only giving us temporary joy, and making us feel bad about it later. The key to finding  happiness is in the serving of others. Heavenly Father's intent is for us to be happy and successful. Even when the whole world is coming down on us. I believe that we dictate our happiness, we can choose to be happy. Not that it is wrong to be sad, angry and frustrated sometimes. But these can be overcome with the right attitude to change and be happy. I know it is much easier said than done. That is why we have help. Our Savior has experienced every pain and suffering that we have and will have. His Atonement allows us to be happy, even when we are feeling alone, beaten, and discouraged. His Atonement allows us to be healed, and to have our burdens lightened and even removed. He asks us to have faith in Him, to follow Him, and trust in Him, and in doing so we will truly be happy.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The importance of having a humor

We have all met that person that we think doesn't have a single funny bone in their body. As if they don't know how to laugh, or have any humor at all. Then there are those that we meet that we don't believe have ever seen a bad day in their life. Then there are those that just make our lives not as happy. The most important thing I have learned in all of my 27 years of life, is that happiness is essential to living. That joy comes from experiencing pain, but that we can choose to be happy more oft times than not. Smiling makes a difference not just in our lives, but definitely in others. There are also other forces, and experiences that happen that allow us not to be so happy. Some may find happiness at the expense of others, and joke, and be crude. So where do we find a proper balance of being happy and serious? President Gordon B. Hinckley I believe answered this question best, he said, "we need to have a little humor in our lives.We better take seriously that which should be taken seriously, but at the same time we can bring in a touch of humor now again. If the time ever comes when we can't smile at ourselves, it will be a sad time."

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Joy In Serving

The title of this video from Mormon Messages is called, Our Hands His Hands, Our Heart His Heart. From A talk called "You are my hands"  in the May 2010 Ensign by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Please enjoy this amazing video. Oft times we like to do things by ourselves, and refuse help from others when we really need it. We don't want to be thought of as a "charity" case. Sometimes it is the pride in us that doesn't allow us to receive help from others. Several times we refuse help from the Lord. Believing that we are good enough to do things without His help. Sometimes there are those reaching out for help and we think that others will be there to help them. We should be seeking opportunities to serve others, but we should also have humility to ask for help when it is needed. 

"...As we emulate His perfect example, our hands can become His hands; our eyes, His eyes; our heart, His heart.... As we extend our hands and hearts toward others in Christlike love, something wonderful happens to us. Our own spirits become healed, more refined, and stronger. We become happier, more peaceful, and more receptive to the whisperings of the Holy Spirit." - President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Monday, June 27, 2011

The things we Desire

This is the first time in a while where I went a whole weekend without posting a blog. The truth is I have had a fun weekend. I got to be friends and cook hawaiian hay stacks (yum!) Attend the YSA Summit, where there were around 1000 YSA peeps attending workshops, eating food, mingling, dancing, enjoying entertainment. Also got to attend the amazing fireworks show at Taylorsville Dayzz. Scones were also a part of my weekend. So there is my excuse, I apologize to all of my faithful blog readers and stalkers for not writing a post sooner, my bad!

I went back to this past General Conference and while searching through the talks, I came across Elder Oaks' talk on desire. This is the same talk where he kind of rips into the single men of the church for not actively seeking marriage.As I ponder on the things that I desire now, things I have desired in the past, thing I desire in the near future and distance future, I couldn't help but think mostly of monetary things. I guess it's natural.Sometimes our desires seem unattainable, or too far fetched to be be realized. I love reading my patriarchal blessing, at the Summit this past weekend the keynote speaker Brother Eyre challenged us to memorize our patriarchal blessing. In doing so we will recognize our potential, and come to realize our greatest desires coming to pass.

Elder Oaks said, "Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions. The desires we act on determine our changing, our achieving, and our becoming." This statement is so powerful. The potential that we have to change, achieve, and become, is limitless (by the way, a great movie.)

So we ask ourselves, "what are the things that I desire?" Before we can answer this we need to cover our basic needs, food, shelter, and rest. When these are satisfied, we can focus on our desires.Our righteous desires can be realized, if they are worked on by faith. Although it is not wrong to desire things with monetary value, it is understanding that the things that we buy on earth cannot last, and will not give us everlasting happiness. Our greatest desire should be to live a life worthily and happily to return to our Heavenly Father's presence.

Elder Oaks ends with,"Let us remember that desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions. In addition, it is our actions and our desires that cause us to become something, whether a true friend, a gifted teacher, or one who has qualified for eternal life."

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The meaning of Charity

This video to the right is such a great example, of charity, please enjoy. In today society when we hear of this word charity, we think of giving to the needy, donations, monetary value. We hear people say the line, "I donated to charity." When I hear it I either say to myself, "well, good for you" or "oh thanks for making me look and feel bad." Let us ponder on this word charity a bit more. Why should charity only be thought of giving money away to someone less fortunate? The scriptures talk about charity being the "pure love of Christ." (Moroni 7:45-49) to have charity means to give more than money, but to give more of one's self. As our Savior gave all that he had even His life for us. The greatest example of charity was and is Him. When we give something to others, do we it do it grudgingly,  or carelessly? How about when we receive a gift?  Do we complain, or take it? The right answers obviously should be when we give something to others we should do it with the desire to give, expecting nothing in return, and with great care. And when we receive a gift we accept it with gratitude and thanksgiving. To have charity means to give without expecting praise, more importantly to give out of love. I know that when we have charity in our hearts, we are happier and those around us will be as well, especially the ones we serve. Hyrum Smith said it best, "Charity is the ability to separate the man from the thing he does."

Monday, June 20, 2011

The answers as to why we do certain things

It is very rare that a day goes by without me asking "why did I do that?" Or "why did he or she do that?" Well if you don't ask that question often then I applaud you. I believe these are healthy questions to ask of ourselves often. Now sometimes the answer may not be what we expected or wanted. Sometimes, people do certain things just out of stupidity, some out wanting a reward, some for revenge, some just because they are weird, some out fear, some out of faith, they greatest reason is out of love. For whatever reason we just do things sometimes without thinking. That's what gets me in trouble often. You the reader by this time may wonder, okay, what is the point of all this. The reason why we do things, should have thought behind them. I found an amazing quote by an apostle named Ed J Pinegar.
"Obedience is the price
Faith is the power
Love is the motive
The Spirit is the key
CHRIST is the reason."

In everything we decide to do, and I am not talking about choosing what to wear, or what to eat, but the major decisions, we can know that the reason behind it is what Elder Pinegar was talking about.  These steps are not just suggestions, but a guide to how we should live our lives.
I am not saying that I am some guy that just goes around using this quote all the time to make my decisions. But it is a nice creed to live by.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The True Measure of a Man

As I grow older, and somewhat wiser, I often find myself asking this great question. "What is to become of me?" Our Savior answers this same question in 3rd Nephi, he tells us that the manner of men we ought to be, is even as He is. We know this is not going to be an easy task, to become perfect as He is. He is the epitome of charity, how will we ever measure up? I know the scripture mentions men, and it really means men and women, but today I will focus on my species. Throughout time the man has always been the provider, the protector, and the one that presides for a family. The man has always been the dominant species, stronger physically, and mentally (this one I can't fully back up.) In recent times, at least in American culture, the measure of a man has somewhat lost it's value. Media shows men, that are not loyal or faithful, that our role models are actors that can't keep one wife, that even those men in high offices in our government often slip and fall and lie about everything, they show sports role models using drugs to enhance their performances, they show protesters of our military that believe they are fighting for a wrong cause. Rarely do we ever get to hear or read about heroes of our nation, history books seem more closed than ever. We are also seeing a battle for morality more than ever, natural principles and values that are held to a high standard anymore. The most difficult part is that it seems as if we are forgetting the most important person of all, GOD. Although the media may paint a picture and slander what a real measure of a man is. Or we with God's help can be molded, and realize our real potential and become the men that He intended us to be. Loving fathers, husbands, and sons. Hard workers, contributors to society, service givers, and representatives of our Savior. I by no means consider myself a perfect man, or even place anyone in this world with that word perfect. But I believe we have given the tools to become better men, and to become examples of great men for our children and others. I want to end with an amazing quote that was given to me on my mission.

“The place to take the true measure of a man is not in the darkest place or in the amen corner, nor the cornfield, but by his own fireside. There he lays aside his mask and you may learn whether he is an imp or an angel, cur or king, hero or humbug. I care not what the world says of him: whether it crowns him boss or pelts him with bad eggs. I care not a copper what his reputation or religion may be: if his babies dread his homecoming and his better half swallows her heart every time she has to ask him for a five-dollar bill, he is a fraud of the first water, even though he prays night and morning until he is black in the face. … But if his children rush to the front door to meet him and love’s sunshine illuminates the face of his wife every time she hears his footfall, you can take it for granted that he is pure, for his home is a heaven. … I can forgive much in that fellow mortal who would rather make men swear than women weep; who would rather have the hate of the whole world than the contempt of his wife; who would rather call anger to the eyes of a king than fear to the face of a child.” (W. C. Brann, “A Man’s Real Measure, in Elbert Hubbard’s Scrapbook, N.Y.: Wm. H. Wise and Co., 1923, p. 16.)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Moments That Matter Most!

This video is so amazing!

I wanted to write down each individual quote in this film just in case you missed it.

"moments are the molecules that make up eternity."- Elder Neal A. Maxwell

"it is not so much the major events, as the small day to day decisions, that map the course of our living." President Gordon B. Hinckley

"We would do well to slow down a little, focus on the significant, lift up our eyes, and truly see
the things that matter most." -President Dieter E. Uchtdorf

"Strength comes not from frantic activity but from being settled on a firm foundation of truth and light. It comes from placing our attention and efforts on the basics of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It comes from paying attention to the divine things that matter most." -President Dieter E. Uchtdorf

"...diligently doing the things that matter most will lead us to the Savior of the world" -President Dieter E. Uchtdorf

So this video was taken from a talk by President Uchtdorf  in the October 2010 general conference and it is titled "Of things That Matter Most."

This last week there were 3 speakers in church and the topic was on relationships. Each talk was given based off of a general authority's talk. The first talk happened to be on this particular talk. This video was just recently posted on youtube as well.

Do we ask ourselves these vital questions, what are the things that matter most? What are the moments that matter most? And am I doing the things that matter most? I believe that as we contemplate these questions, our minds become more opened to the more important things rather than the miniscule things in life.I want to throw in my quote that I have already posted before, because I find it so fitting. "Sometimes I wish time would go faster, but there are times you wish that time would just stand still and the moments you are having whether it be with a special someone or not, would last forever. I guess that is why we have eternity after this life to experience those kinds of moments!" - Me

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The true meaning of Faith... continued...

Last night I ended with a quote from Jesus, "be not faithless, but believing." I love blogging at work, knowing that during the down times, I can continue my thoughts and write it down is a pretty great feeling, also the getting paid while doing so is nice. So continuing my thoughts on faith. Faith has the power to produce miracles. In the Book of Mormon we are asked, "have miracles ceased?" No, they have not. It is by the power of faith that miracles are wrought. I mentioned that my name meant having faith, I forgot to mention that my mother's doctor called me and my sister "miracle babies". We are what her patriarchal blessing talked about. Speaking of patriarchal blessings, they are also a source where our faith is put to test. It is the best future reading available for us, and that if we are faithful, we will receive all the blessings intended for us in that blessing. I have recently looked more to that blessing more than ever.
Another quote by Jesus I love reading, is "thy faith hath made thee whole." To be whole, means to be complete, made perfect, basically happiness all over! This faith allows us to overcome adversity, and obstacles, this faith releases us from Satan's grasp, this faith is the power to heal, to move mountains, and conquer our fears. With faith we have the courage to do anything, the will to move forward, and the strength to overcome trials. Faith in Christ and the Atonement allows us to be truly free, to be made whole.
I believe having faith in ourselves, and understanding that God is in control, increases our dependability and capabilities. We become humble and we are able to give and receive blessings. I have been listening to Joseph: King of Dreams soundtrack, and there is one song that many people recognize, it is called "You know better than I." I know that our Heavenly Father knows better than we do what lies in store for us. Sometimes we push faith aside and decide that what we know already is sufficient. This is not how progression and growth works. the best example of how faith works is found in the Book of Alma in the Book of Mormon, an experiment, to liken faith to a seed. How a seed has potential to become something great. We need to give it time, we need to nurture it, and as we are patient, we start to see growth, and then it begins to bring forth fruit, and it becomes desirable and it is good. Faith is what helps me get through the day. Believing that I have the potential to become better. Recognizing that I can't do it alone, I know that I need help, but I have faith that God is listening to my prayers and that He will answer them in due time, if I am faithful and work at it.
I would like to end with a poem about faith in our Heavenly Father by me.
My Faith in Thee
Although I can't see you, I envision your smile,
Although I can't hear your voice, I listen in my mind,
Although I cannot touch you, I feel your promptings in my heart.
I don't think distance matters, because somehow I know you are so near,
I know that I am nearer to you when I pray on bended knee
I know that my heart is blessed when it is touched by you
I know my ears rejoice when they listen to your words.
I know my eyes are opened to you understandings for me.
My faith is strengthened daily because of you.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The true meaning of Faith

So my Vietnamese name is Huu Tin, meaning heaving faith. The reason for my name is because there is a little more than 6 years between my older sister and I, and my mom was told after having my sister that she would not have anymore children. My parents joined the church and my mom received her patriarchal blessing and in it, it said that she would have children. I was born, and they gave me this Vietnamese name, because they had me by faith, then a little over a year later my other sister was born. This name Huu Tin, in reverse means saint. So there's my name background. Luckily my parents didn't give me the English name Faith, which is a girl's name, while my name in Vietnamese is a boy's name.

Faith as we know is a belief in something that we can't see, but is true. Sometimes we are asked what faith are we? Because faith tends to be synonymous with religion.We have faith in God, although we can't see Him. There are several things that cannot be seen by the naked eye, for instance the atoms in the air we breath, the electricity that powers everything, the wind when it cools and blows, and yet we know they exist.
This is more than a word, and it is not passive at all, it is very active.

Joseph Smith Jr. wrote this about faith.
1. "... as faith is the moving cause of all action in temporal concerns, so it is in spiritual."
2. "... faith is not only the principle of action, but of power also."
3. "Faith then, is the first great governing principle in which has power, dominion, and authority over all things."

So in everything there is faith. To me the true meaning of faith is knowing in your mind and in your heart that although you can't see or feel it, the thing that you are most believing in is there. And if that alone motivates you to be better, to be happier, then keep having faith in it.

To be continued..."be not faithless, but believing."

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Power of Prayer

I remember when my sisters and I were younger we were not only taught to pray in English, but in Vietnamese as well. We would find ourselves repeating the same things both in English and Vietnamese, but our parents seemed to be okay with that. As we grew older and started to understand more about the Gospel, we still would repeat a lot of the same things, and take lines from others' prayers, not that it is not wrong. Then came seminary, the sweet time we got to learn about the Gospel while going to school. These were the times where prayers really started to mean something to me. Senior year was the first time I ever read the Book of Mormon all the way through, the first time I knelt to pray to know if it was true. I put that moment in my life as one of the greatest teaching moments in my life regarding prayer and revelation. 17 years old, and that was the first time I can honestly say I have felt something really stirring inside of my mind, heart, and soul. This was very good timing since I was planning to leave on a mission pretty soon after that experience. 19 years old and I get called to serve to place where I didn't really want to, somewhere humid, somewhere hot, and tons of Asian people. Singapore English speaking was the call. Now I love Asian people, proud of my heritage and culture, but we are very loud and proud people and honestly not the most humble, I know! I am one of them. I remember the first time teaching an investigator to pray and we all knelt down, and we each took a turn praying. After the investigator prayed, he immediately said "we're just praying to a wall, and no one is listening, but us, you guys pray to nothing!" as a new missionary, that fired me up, and even wanted to give up on him, but my companion had faith and prayed. Well long story short, that investigator got baptized 2 weeks later, served a mission to Hong Kong, and now lives in Nevada. I saw this countless on my mission. After the mission, I tried to keep up with that faith. As I got back into the "real" world, I found myself praying less, and just worrying more. And noticed how my prayers were not nearly as sincere as the prayers I said on the mission. What changed? My attitude. Understanding that I needed this more than ever. To converse with our Father in Heaven, was more than some thing expected or just out of need for something, it was a desire to let Him know, even though He already did my thoughts, my wants and desires, my feelings. In doing so my mind and my heart we're opened again and ready to receive. As I get older and gain more responsibility, each important choice comes with prayerful consideration, and allowing the Lord's time to work and to have the patience and understanding when the answer comes. Without this privileged communication, I know that I could be alright and still live a good life, but because of it I am comforted to know that I will live a better life with it! One of the best definitions I have come across regarding this was by James E. Talmage, "The dumb may pray, and that too with the eloquence that prevails in Heaven. Prayer is made up of heart throbs and the righteous yearnings of the soul, of supplication based on the realization of need, of contrition, and pure desire." (Jesus the Christ pg. 238) I know that as we allow prayer to be a special and real part of our lives, that we will blessed in ways we've never imagined. We've heard stories about prayer, we've heard testimonies, read about them, and even blogged about them. My "prayer" is that we all strive to have it more in our lives, realize the faith in each prayer, and be patient with the answers we receive.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The power of these words... "I am sorry" and "please forgive me"

When these words are spoken in a non sarcastic, non cynical, non judgmental way, they can fix most anything. When they are used in a kind, gentle, loving way, anger dies down. We live in a society with a lot of pride. Pride for the things we own, the things we've accomplished, things we do. We sometimes take this pride and belittle others with it, sometimes without even intending to do so. Several times we learn through the "grape vine," that we unintentionally hurt someone. We also live in a society that holds grudges and will not let them go until the person that has offended them apologizes or suffers just as great as you had. Pain is something we can't live without, it's the truth, but we also learn that we cannot experience joy without it. Physical pain eventually heals with time and medicine, spiritual pain can be healed through repentance, mental pain healed with some psychological work, emotional pain is one that it really hard to recover from. When I think about all of this, I try to think of the joys that come from experiencing these pains. With physical pain we learn that when that body part is functioning healthy and properly we are happy. With spiritual pain, after we repent, the burden of sin is gone and we are happy again as well. Mental pain when someone understands you and wants to help you think properly can be comforting. Emotional pain the kind comes with the heart as well is affected mostly by others. Where it's difficult for others to understand, even if they have experienced similar pains, but this is a personal pain that is difficult to overcome. As with spiritual pain, you kind of feel a separation from everything, not just God. And sometimes even the best of distractions are not good enough, but they do help. Only one understands and that's our Savior Jesus Christ. He's experienced what we've been through, all of these pains, and the ones to come as well. He suffered so we wouldn't not have to. And no matter how much we say "I am sorry, please forgive me" to Him, he will still take us by the hand and say, "go and sin no more." When we are offended or hurt by someone, even a loved one, we must ask ourselves, and I know it's difficult, but we should ask, "is it worth being angry or upset over?" and the answer most likely, naturally still be yes, but in thinking it over, we realize it wasn't. The best answer I have searched for in regarding being hurt is by Elder Joe J. Christensen. He says, "Be quick to say I'm sorry, as hard as it is to form the words, be swift to say I apologize, and please forgive me, even though you are not the one totally at fault. True love is developed by those who are willing to readily admit personal mistakes and offenses." I know that as we follow this great advice, our homes will have the spirit more abundantly, love will grow, and happiness will be in store for us. I am sorry to those whom I have offended both on purpose and unintentionally, I could be mean and say they totally deserved it, but I won't. And I forgive those that have done any wrong to me either on purpose or not as well. Please forgive me for any wrong I've done towards you. These words teach us patience and love for God and our fellow men and women. I got a fortune cookie today from Panda Express, which is not real Chinese food by the way, but still yummy. The fortune said "give time and thought to all that you do." Not the greatest fortune, like the ones that say you will be a rockstar someday, but still profound. In our words, actions, and deeds, we must always give thought and time, and another t word, tact in all we do! I am grateful for the examples in my life where they are slow to anger, and quick to say I am sorry.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Isn't it about time?

What a crazy question to be asked all of the time. We've seen and heard this line from LDS Church commercials before. We also hear it from friends and family, and other annoying people when we finally did something that was either asked of us to do, or was planned by us to do. Time, everything in our lives revolves around time, work time, meal time, sleep time, recreation time, time, time, time. We seem to sometimes forget time as well, or not have enough time. Sometimes, we have what seems like too much time. But back to the original thought of this blog, isn't it about time? Time for what exactly? This is a great rhetorical question. In the church commercials it was about family. "Family, isn't it about time?" And we also learn that Love is spelled t-i-m-e. By now you've figured out that every line in this blog has the word time in it. Sometimes I wonder to myself if I am using my time right now wisely. I love movies, the occasional video game, and just spending lots of time being with my friends. I know I should be spending more time with my family, scripture study, and productive things. So time is a balancing act, we have to sacrifice some of it to satisfy some of our desires, some of our needs, and most of all others' needs. What about the times that just take your breath away, and I don't mean exercise time. The times where you don't worry about time. I want to end this time thought with a quote I wrote a few years ago. "Somtimes I wish time would go faster, but there are times you wish that time would just stand still and the moment you are having whether it be with a special someone... or not, would last forever. I guess that is why we have eternity after this life to experience those kinds of moments!"

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Karma is not a B****!

This word karma, for those of you who don't know what it is, let me give you the definition. Karma [kahr-muh]the cosmic principle according to which each person is rewarded or punished in one incarnation according to that person's deeds in the previous incarnation. Growing up I always hear people saying when something good or bad happened to them it was karma, because of something good or bad they did earlier or in the past. I somewhat believe in this principle. But more often times than none I see people blaming everything on this principle, when something goes bad in their life. Let's do an example..."If I didn't eat that twinkie last week at my cubicle when I knew I shouldn't have, I would still have my job right now, dang karma!" When the rest of the world knew that it wasn't the twinkie that caused him to lose his job, or was it? My point is we can't blame our misfortunes on karma. I do believe though the other side of the principle, the because I did something good, then something good is going to happen. Why not do good always then right?
But there are those that seek for rewards of monetary value when they help and they think to themselves, "well I helped out, don't I get something?" I guess feeling good and happy just doesn't quite cut it for some folks. I know at least for me that when I help others with no thought of reward or something in return, I receive blessings. Being optimistic and having a happy attitude as much as possible I believe blesses us with good karma. I also know that being the opposite of these things can't bring out much good either, how can we expect that? I believe in part we make our own karma. I'd like to finish with a thought from President Monson. "Along your pathway of life you will observe that you are not the only traveler. There are others who need your help. There are feet to steady, hands to grasp, minds to encourage, hearts to inspire, and souls to save." -Thomas S. Monson

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I love vacations, especially when you know you're getting paid for it. Visiting my sister's family in San Jose, was just what I needed to relax and get away for while. I did miss my friends, and my ward, but they were going to be there when I got home. My younger sister and I are very close, we are just a little over a year apart in age. She is so wise, so kind and charitable, she is understanding and knows how to handle so many situations. Growing up we had our battles, we would fight I would push her down, we would argue about everything, we would compete and she would eventually catch up and beat me. She married a wonderful man, who I can truly call my brother, he is very selfless, and thinks of his family first all the time. Being with their family only made me want to have a family like theirs someday that much more. I am grateful for their example and for allowing me to spend time with their adorable 7 month old son, who is such a good, happy baby. Leaving for home was hard, because I miss them a ton. But finally sleeping in my own bed, was so amazing! Seeing my best friends again and them missing me was pretty awesome too. I am seriously blessed to have such amazing examples in my life.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day!!!

Yesterday was such a great day! Thanks to the sacrifices of so many soldiers for our freedoms, we get a day to celebrate and remember these sacrifices! Memorial Day started off with my brother in law's family coming over and sharing pizza from the oh so yummy Little Caesar's. Then we watched the bro in law's bro's mission slide show (he's been home 6 weeks from Hong Kong.) For dinner we had pineapple sausages, broccoli salad, and spinach salad, and it was so delicious. I am so blessed to have some pretty cool family members and in laws as well. I am thankful for holidays like these that bring our families close together, even if the plane ticket was a rip off! I am thanks for the moments that are always meant to be remembered and never forgotten. As I sit here on my sister's couch in San Jose on my last day here, (I know I should be on a beach, but the water is so cold!) I sit and contemplate all the things that have brought me to this point in my life. This vacation has given me so much time to reflect on so many things. My desires are greater, my wants are still there, but my optimism has increased a lot. I leave for the airport at 5 in the morning tomorrow, I am going to miss my sister's little family, especially my nephew, I have had the awesome opportunity to make him laugh so much, just makes everyone's day! I am grateful for the knowledge that families can be together forever. Life is awesome everyone!!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday in San Jose

I have not visited a family ward since my nephew Corbin was blessed last December, so about six months later, I visit the same family ward again. Those of you reading this and know me, know that I have been attending a single's ward for a few years now. Sacrament meetings are sooo quiet! You can hear a pin drop. Sacrament meeting today... not so quiet, I actually got a headache. But I still love sacrament. I also had to introduce myself in priesthood today, I had to say my name and where I was visiting from. My brother in law was egging me on to use an accent, I was tempted to act handicapped, but I didn't do either, I was polite and said I was visiting my sister's family, and that I was from the holy land of Utah. The ward was just like any other family ward in Utah, I love how the Gospel is the same everywhere, the people may smell different or look a little different, but the Gospel is still the same. So My nephew really warmed up to me today, and this whole time all I had to say was "hi baby!" Question, can guys be more baby hungry than ladies? Let that sink in. Moving on! I wrote a poem a while ago that gives me much reflection on my life I hope you readers enjoy it.

He sits he waits and wonders, of all that still can be, he hopes he dreams he ponders about the future to be seen, and even though he sits there all alone and in a quiet room, if he continues to just sit and wonder he will slowly slip into a mist of doom. For it is action that defines us in all we think and do, it is faith that gives us the power to get up and get off the stool. There is nothing wrong with sitting and wanting,wishing and hoping but it is belief that makes us go not sadness that only leads to moping. So what does he do now, with so much in store for him? He must take the Lord by the hand and gently let Him in.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Blogging from San Jose

So it is only 11:30 here in San Jose, and I am sitting on couch aka my bed for the next 4 days, in my sister's home. My mother has been here since Wednesday, and my step dad and I arrived today, but at different times, he had to work so he came later. My day began at 630 in the morning, already packed and ready to go. Got on a tiny plane from Delta and arrived to San Jose before lunch time. I had not seen my little nephew Corbin 4 months, and he's chunked up a bit since then, so I call him my baby buddha nephew. I had thai beef noodles and sugar cane juice for lunch, and then for dinner our family had a Vietnamese 7 course beef meal, which needless to say is the bomb! IN the morning we are going to have Dim Sum, (Chinese fried and steamed goodies!)I still miss all of my friends and family back home, and I wish them all a safe Memorial Day Weekend! The weather here has been sooo amazing 70 degrees and a wonderful breeze. Although my parents constantly think of moving here one day, I don't think I could ever leave Utah. Yes, I know the weather is never cooperative in Utah, but the people are so amazing. On that note, I want to end with an amazing about friendship that was given to me a few years ago.
"There is nothing we like to see so much as the gleam of pleasure in a person's eye when he feels that we have sympathized with him, understood him. At these moments something fine and spiritual passes between two friends. These are the moments worth living." -Don Marquis
Good night Utah!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

An awesome realization

After each break up, and when a relationship ends, I often asked how much heartache must I suffer, how much pain must I endure, how much weeping must I do before I can feel love again?...

but those are not the important questions,

Instead I should be asking , have I seen the Lord's hand in all this? Am I allowing Him to come in and comfort me? Do I believe in Him?

A friend of mine wrote me once that we sometimes think, that the only way we can find happiness is being in a relationship. But we often forget what kind of relationship is more important.

And it hit me, that what I have been saying to several members in the ward lately, is what I have not been really following, is that we need to develop a relationship with the Lord. If we allow Him into our lives, and not push away His hand when he offers it, then that relationship will begin to grow. If we can do this with the Lord, whose to say we cannot do this with others?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The things that can make your day!!!

When I first started with my company as a customer service representative, one of the motto's we were to live by was to make that their (the customer's) day. But we also knew before we could do this we had to have the right attitude. How are we to make someone's day when our day is going so bad? Well there's the fake it till you make it principle. (Act like your happy, until the work is done.)There's the denial principle, which is similar to fake it till you make it, but this one is trickier, you deny everything that is bad and avoid facing it. Or we can change our attitude, choose to be happy and look for the good in everything. Sounds easier said then done. Having a poor attitude is not sexy, I mean attractive at all. But when someone is optimistic, hopeful, and happy, you can take it for granted you are in good company. Sometimes it is the simple things in life that just can make your day. A simple hello, or even better an I love you from someone you care about. I find that the ones that my day are the ones that are always wondering how you're doing. The ones out of the blue that tell you via facebook, text, or chat, that they're thinking about you. Not to take anything away from those that do that everyday! I love those also! Remember the movie Evan Almighty? With Steve Carell? *SPOILER ALERT* ..............At the very end Morgan Freeman who plays God, writes the word ARK, and points out that it's an acronym (for those readers that are too lazy to look up what the word acronym means...) here's the definition: a word formed from the initial letters or groups of letters of words in a set phrase or series of words, as Wac from Women's army Corps, OPEC from Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, or loran from long-range navigation. Well ARK stands for Act of Random Kindness. In making someone's day, we in turn get our day made.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I have always been known as the funny Asian kid, well at least to most. I always try to make the best in each situation. Lately I have found in my life that one of my main purposes of being brought into this world, was to help others be happy. I try where I can, not trying to raise myself up, or being prideful. I know that because my patriarchal blessing says so. I have been blessed with a knowledge and an understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I don't know everything, I don't know a lot of things, but this I do know, that God's plan, is a plan of happiness. Several events in my life have given me emotional roller coasters of epic proportion, but with the Savior's help, I always find a way to overcome them. My step father this evening asked me to make a list of ten things I hope for in the future. As I sat there pondering, obviously there are more than ten things that one person hopes for, well most of us hope for. I went back to a list of rhetorical that I wrote myself after a break up last year. The first question was, what is it that I desire? This was great because desires, hopes, wants are all synonymous. Now the first obvious answer is a double bacon cheeseburger. But that only satisfies my physical hunger. Truly though do we often ask ourselves what is it that we really want, beside the obvious things that cannot last forever. IN our hearts and minds and if you are in your mid to late 20's and single, like some people I know ;) We desire to be happy, but with someone that it can last with through the eternities. And knowing that is a great desire, we still find it sooo difficult. We often ask ourselves why?
We get told soo many times how amazing we are, and whoever we find will be soo lucky right? And even those of us church folk ask ourselves, why can't I find someone? When the question all along could be, am I becoming the person I want to be with? I ask a lot of rhetorical questions! Am I doing all the things necessary to be worthy to be loved, and to give of this love? How am I preparing to make the next step? By asking ourselves these types questions, we put reality into play, but also hope and faith! Faith is power! And it takes great faith for us to make decisions. I hope those reading this will take these things into consideration when a difficult time in our life happens regarding dating. I know that when I ask myself these questions, and don't have a clear answer for them, it is God telling me to be patient and to have faith. With Him, all things are possible.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Haha! a year later!!!

So I find my self at work reading other people's blogs, (yes I enjoy blogstalking almost as much as facebook stalking) But I have my sad excuses like, everything about me is on facebook, this time last year I had like 700 friends, now I have over 1200! Not that I base my awesomeness off it all the time. Work gave us access to blog now, I should have figured since I have been able to read blogs for a more than a couple of weeks now. Since last year what has happened? Hmmm well most of it can be again followed on facebook. The biggest changes came around Christmas of 2010. I was called to be Elder's Quorum President, a calling that is both difficult and rewarding. If I knew that the calling would only last around 5 months I think I would have tried a little harder. Nevertheless (I know pretty big word huh?) I had some of the best times in my quorum. I miss teaching these guys and making fun of them and having them look to me for help. They were much as an example to me as I was them. My bishopric consisted of all millionaires, but they were some of the most humble, fun, loving men I have ever met, and I will truly miss them. So as I move into a new YSA ward, I have had the awesome opportunity to stand out, so I was just called to be FHE co-chair, a calling that I really didn't want, but still I think is a great opportunity to serve. Well I wish I could tell you all you readers out there that I will update this more often, but I would just be lying. So until the next blog. Take care!