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Monday, June 6, 2011

Isn't it about time?

What a crazy question to be asked all of the time. We've seen and heard this line from LDS Church commercials before. We also hear it from friends and family, and other annoying people when we finally did something that was either asked of us to do, or was planned by us to do. Time, everything in our lives revolves around time, work time, meal time, sleep time, recreation time, time, time, time. We seem to sometimes forget time as well, or not have enough time. Sometimes, we have what seems like too much time. But back to the original thought of this blog, isn't it about time? Time for what exactly? This is a great rhetorical question. In the church commercials it was about family. "Family, isn't it about time?" And we also learn that Love is spelled t-i-m-e. By now you've figured out that every line in this blog has the word time in it. Sometimes I wonder to myself if I am using my time right now wisely. I love movies, the occasional video game, and just spending lots of time being with my friends. I know I should be spending more time with my family, scripture study, and productive things. So time is a balancing act, we have to sacrifice some of it to satisfy some of our desires, some of our needs, and most of all others' needs. What about the times that just take your breath away, and I don't mean exercise time. The times where you don't worry about time. I want to end this time thought with a quote I wrote a few years ago. "Somtimes I wish time would go faster, but there are times you wish that time would just stand still and the moment you are having whether it be with a special someone... or not, would last forever. I guess that is why we have eternity after this life to experience those kinds of moments!"

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