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Thursday, June 2, 2011


I love vacations, especially when you know you're getting paid for it. Visiting my sister's family in San Jose, was just what I needed to relax and get away for while. I did miss my friends, and my ward, but they were going to be there when I got home. My younger sister and I are very close, we are just a little over a year apart in age. She is so wise, so kind and charitable, she is understanding and knows how to handle so many situations. Growing up we had our battles, we would fight I would push her down, we would argue about everything, we would compete and she would eventually catch up and beat me. She married a wonderful man, who I can truly call my brother, he is very selfless, and thinks of his family first all the time. Being with their family only made me want to have a family like theirs someday that much more. I am grateful for their example and for allowing me to spend time with their adorable 7 month old son, who is such a good, happy baby. Leaving for home was hard, because I miss them a ton. But finally sleeping in my own bed, was so amazing! Seeing my best friends again and them missing me was pretty awesome too. I am seriously blessed to have such amazing examples in my life.

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