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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The meaning of Charity

This video to the right is such a great example, of charity, please enjoy. In today society when we hear of this word charity, we think of giving to the needy, donations, monetary value. We hear people say the line, "I donated to charity." When I hear it I either say to myself, "well, good for you" or "oh thanks for making me look and feel bad." Let us ponder on this word charity a bit more. Why should charity only be thought of giving money away to someone less fortunate? The scriptures talk about charity being the "pure love of Christ." (Moroni 7:45-49) to have charity means to give more than money, but to give more of one's self. As our Savior gave all that he had even His life for us. The greatest example of charity was and is Him. When we give something to others, do we it do it grudgingly,  or carelessly? How about when we receive a gift?  Do we complain, or take it? The right answers obviously should be when we give something to others we should do it with the desire to give, expecting nothing in return, and with great care. And when we receive a gift we accept it with gratitude and thanksgiving. To have charity means to give without expecting praise, more importantly to give out of love. I know that when we have charity in our hearts, we are happier and those around us will be as well, especially the ones we serve. Hyrum Smith said it best, "Charity is the ability to separate the man from the thing he does."

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