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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The true meaning of Faith... continued...

Last night I ended with a quote from Jesus, "be not faithless, but believing." I love blogging at work, knowing that during the down times, I can continue my thoughts and write it down is a pretty great feeling, also the getting paid while doing so is nice. So continuing my thoughts on faith. Faith has the power to produce miracles. In the Book of Mormon we are asked, "have miracles ceased?" No, they have not. It is by the power of faith that miracles are wrought. I mentioned that my name meant having faith, I forgot to mention that my mother's doctor called me and my sister "miracle babies". We are what her patriarchal blessing talked about. Speaking of patriarchal blessings, they are also a source where our faith is put to test. It is the best future reading available for us, and that if we are faithful, we will receive all the blessings intended for us in that blessing. I have recently looked more to that blessing more than ever.
Another quote by Jesus I love reading, is "thy faith hath made thee whole." To be whole, means to be complete, made perfect, basically happiness all over! This faith allows us to overcome adversity, and obstacles, this faith releases us from Satan's grasp, this faith is the power to heal, to move mountains, and conquer our fears. With faith we have the courage to do anything, the will to move forward, and the strength to overcome trials. Faith in Christ and the Atonement allows us to be truly free, to be made whole.
I believe having faith in ourselves, and understanding that God is in control, increases our dependability and capabilities. We become humble and we are able to give and receive blessings. I have been listening to Joseph: King of Dreams soundtrack, and there is one song that many people recognize, it is called "You know better than I." I know that our Heavenly Father knows better than we do what lies in store for us. Sometimes we push faith aside and decide that what we know already is sufficient. This is not how progression and growth works. the best example of how faith works is found in the Book of Alma in the Book of Mormon, an experiment, to liken faith to a seed. How a seed has potential to become something great. We need to give it time, we need to nurture it, and as we are patient, we start to see growth, and then it begins to bring forth fruit, and it becomes desirable and it is good. Faith is what helps me get through the day. Believing that I have the potential to become better. Recognizing that I can't do it alone, I know that I need help, but I have faith that God is listening to my prayers and that He will answer them in due time, if I am faithful and work at it.
I would like to end with a poem about faith in our Heavenly Father by me.
My Faith in Thee
Although I can't see you, I envision your smile,
Although I can't hear your voice, I listen in my mind,
Although I cannot touch you, I feel your promptings in my heart.
I don't think distance matters, because somehow I know you are so near,
I know that I am nearer to you when I pray on bended knee
I know that my heart is blessed when it is touched by you
I know my ears rejoice when they listen to your words.
I know my eyes are opened to you understandings for me.
My faith is strengthened daily because of you.

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